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25 Things Every Small Business Can Automate - Part 2

Andrew Mishchenko7 November 2022Read in 6 min

The second part of the list of 25  processes you can easily automate. For the first part, click here. 

Client satisfaction and post-services

Do you know that returning customer engagement costs 3-5 times less than for new customers? Invest some effort into the post-services – customer support, feedback collection, references from the clients – and you will be surprised by the effect.

13. Provide Quick Support

American Express notices that 6 out of 10 customers leave a service forever if they do not get assistance quickly. Place the link for customer support in an easy-to-see place on your site. Create a FAQ section and add a link to it near the support request form. Finally, make sure your support team gets inquiries immediately and reacts quickly.

With the more sophisticated automation software, you can set up more complex support inquiries. A user can choose the category – like “technical issue,” or “product issue” – and the inquiry will be submitted to a predetermined staff member.

Quick and qualified customer support will increase customer satisfaction. 

14. Set Up a Password Reset

The requirements for passwords have become too complicated. Lower- and upper-case letters, numbers, special symbols and a requirement to invent new passwords on every new website — this is above many users’ abilities.

So, many users just cannot remember the password. Be aware: some of them will not return if they cannot access your site because of the forgotten password. So create an automatic password reset that sends a temporary password to the user’s email.

15. Evaluate Satisfaction

Get set up to send surveys soon after the deal. Ask customers if they are happy with your services and products. It is great to provide some options, for example, simply putting some stars or detailed feedback in a special form.

Remember, real customer feedback is a priceless tool to improve your business. Take it seriously.

16. Ask for Recommendations

One more automated element you can add at this stage is a request for recommendations. Ask the satisfied customer to spread the word about you, and do not forget to add the option to do this on social media.

17. Invite Followers

Create a small content block and it to every communication with your client automatically. The content block should include social media icons with links and a call-to-action, like:

Join us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn! We post helpful articles and videos every week!

18. Send Reminders

Users can drop out at the different stages of your marketing funnels. Sometimes they are not interested anymore, but sometimes they just forget. Something probably disrupted them and they switched their attention to other processes.

With automation software, you can send reminders about any uncompleted process, from registration to the forgotten goods in the cart.

19. Send Congratulations

You can ask a client’s date of birth on registration – it is helpful in many ways. One of them is that you can congratulate your client on a birthday! Automatically, of course.The system sends a preformatted greeting card to the client, like this:

Warm greetings on your birthday, [NAME]. We present a 20% discount for all our products for you.

20. Remove Inactive Emails

When a new user registers on your site, he or she usually agrees to get the email from you. But with time, some of them change their mind. They can lose interest in your product or just be tired of numerous emails in their inbox, it does not matter.

First, you have to give them an option to unsubscribe easily. It is a requirement of the automated email senders, otherwise you’d be considered a spammer. But you can make one move more: with automation software, find and remove inactive users from your email list. Focus on people who really need your services. 


Corporate events are always a pain and a big job for a team. With little automation, the process can be easier. 

21. Set Up an Automatic Registration 

You won’t believe that this easy automation can save so much time, but it does. Set the simple registration form (RSVP) for free or ticket purchase, and add 2-3 reminder letters. Remind your guests about the event, location, time and other details. Some of them will miss the event anyway, but no one will forget about it.

22. Social Network Events

All large social networks – Facebook, LinkedIn and others – provide the ability to create events and invite your followers. It is a good idea but it is not enough. Attracting attendees requires continuous promotion.

Add some automated emails with personal invitations to important people. They might miss your event on social networks, a personal invitation increases the chance they accept your invitation and join the event, like this:  

“Hi [First Name]! We host an event [Event Name] and would love to see you at it!” 

Briefly describe the event and add a link (or links) to its page on social media. 

Routine Operations

Business process automation still cannot replace all routine operations. However, it can help make them more efficient. 

23. Set Up Procurement Reminders

Unless you work in a virtual office, you have to purchase some stuff for normal office life, from coffee to paper. We suppose you purchase six-months worth of some supplies. Take the next step and set a reminder in several months, shortly before this period ends. 

The office staff consumption can change with time, and a reminder will serve two purposes. First, it will remind you about the necessity to revise your supplies and order more. Second, it helps the business owner monitor and control these expenses.  

24. Digitize Document Flow

Actually, there are a few processes that still require handwritten or typed paper documents. Paper documents are not eco-friendly, and they are not friendly to the business. They are just not worth the time. Use digital documents wherever you can, send them automatically to your clients and employees and simplify the document flow in your organization.

25. Hire New People 

Of course, the entire hiring process cannot go without live communication. However, you can use the elements of automation to make it faster and easier. Collect the CVs via social networks and websites, distribute them by categories and mark the most prominent with special software. Automatic preliminary screening helps to sort out the applicants to find the best people for your company. 

Final Thoughts

So, you see that almost all repetitive processes in business can be automated. Lead generation and nurturing, engagement, sales, office management, customer service – you name it. 

Of course, automation requires investing some time and effort. However, your investments will return soon – directly, as operating cost savings, and indirectly, as growing customer satisfaction.